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Custer's award winning website.

SLAM's new site
Check out SLAM's great site

SLAM's old site
Check out SLAM's old site

G-MO's Nerf Arena Blast Community site
Check out this new NAB site

Galen's Site

The JLG Zone

Capt. Mellow
has a great site, mostly geared toward mapping and technical information/tweaking for NAB and UT.

Boomslang's Missing Nerf Site

Boomslang's Missing NAB Site

Ashbars Realm
Ashbars Realm has maps that have been converted from UT to NAB. It has FrigateRemix, Frigate(Final)Remix and GothicRemix.

B-Ball's Site

Braveheart's Total Annililation Site

[G]Ranger[S]'s Site

Sean's Nerf Page


Tutorial Sites

Wolf's Tutorial
If you want to learn to create maps in NerfEd or do Remixes of UT maps, you need to go to this site.

Planet Unreal UnrealEd
A great site to learn to use an editor for mapping. It is for Unreal, but the info is also able to be used for NerfEd.

Freeware Texture Sites

Planet Unreal Texture Lab

Texture Universe

The Bighouse (free Quake like textures)


Surface Tension

Texture Forest

Art Net

Texture Library

Realistic images

Booga Holler

aaabackgrounds and textures

3D Café

Absolute Background Textures Archive

Unreal Tournament Sites

Chris 'plutonic' Blundell's site
Chris is a really great UT map maker. Check out his works in progress. We remixed his Fool's Bravado.

OzUnreal covers UT information and is worth a look for info to use as Nerf help.

PlanetUnreal covers UT information and is a great resource for map making for Nerf.

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